Armour Gel

Previewing at Lakes Sky Ultra 2016

Armed To Win

Bioavailable - the isotonic gel is consumed with 'toothpaste' portions every 10 minutes or so, so supplying and keeping you energised

Eco-friendly – no more messy wrappers and dropped sachet

Healthy — no additives, no preservatives, no gum - plus more B Vitamins to aid digestion.

Tooth Friendly – If you’re on the bike have a bottle of water to swill round your teeth or at water stops

More Energy per ml

Optimal pH for stomach absorption

    Made healthily with Pura’s free from formulas:

Sustained energy delivery with Tri-Source carbohydrates: maltodextrin, grape fructose and d-ribose as energy from different ingredients that utilise different metabolism pathways, which allow the body to absorb more energy than from a single source.

Research suggests that glucose uptake is limited by the sodium dependent glucose transported (SGLT-1), by adding fructose, this energy can be absorbed via a different pathway, namely the GLUT 5 transporters.

Additionally, as each of the carbohydrates have a different glycemic index (the rate at which it is absorbed into the bloodstream) there is a more sustained energy delivery.

To speed up the absorption of water, stomach emptying and fight anti cramping - ARMOUR Gels use the exclusive Pura Ionic electrolyte mix with potassium to help maintain optimal muscle function and Magnesium which is known to reduce feelings of tiredness and fatigue and help energy metabolism.