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Pura ReCharger Recovery Helps Jonny Lose 5 Stone

It’s always great to hear from someone that your product has helped them and we are proud to share that Jonny Sunter, a teacher from Cumbria, has shed 5 stone (over 30 kg) over the past 6 months, whilst using Pura ReCharger Recovery.
Upon being diagnosed as morbidly obese by his GP, Jonny immediately sprang into action and with the help of Trail Running Magazine and a personal trainer to advise on how he could lose the excess weight, he took up running.ReCharger-RecoveryA little bit of exercise goes a long way, as Jonny discovered, and began running regularly, using the beautiful scenery of the Lake District to encourage him.The next step was to start running competitively! The Lake District is full of running, cycling and triathlon clubs and the races over the mountainous terrain are particularly challenging, but this did not stop Jonny, whose times and weight soon began to drop.

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However, the other side to consolidating weight loss is to eat healthily. By trading in the high trans-fat and sugary fast food for lean meat and vegetables, supplemented by the healthy protein contained in Pura ReCharger Recovery, Jonny’s weight has been steadily (and therefore healthily) decreasing. Jonny fuelled by Pura 2 and 4 across BurbankPura ReCharger is important to take straight after exercise, especially lasting over an hour, as the protein helps muscle repair, sped up by the complete BCAA profile and the added glutamine peptides. It also provides a steady source of energy for the body, without an insulin spike that you would get from a carb-rich snack.This means less snacking (often on sugary foods) and a healthier outlook!By combining regular exercise, healthy eating and supplementation when necessary, Jonny has been able to drop 5 stone in 6 months and feels far more energetic and happier because of it, not to mention the years it will add to his life.

Pura ReCharger Recovery

The benefits of Pura are manifold – read our article on what to look out for in a protein shake if you want to learn more!Here is a quick run down of the key benefits:
  • A complete branch chain amino acid (BCAA) profile. Consumption prevents muscle breakdown, promotes muscle re-building and enhances recovery by up to 72%. (Skillen et al., 2008)
  • HMB (β-hydroxy-β-methylbutyrate) enhances the role of BCAAs, increasing lean body mass, muscle strength, muscle power and reducing fat mass. (Kraemer et al., 2001)
  • The Creatine improves protein (muscle) synthesis. (Tarnopolsky et al., 2001)
  • L-Glutamine replenishes glycogen levels to aid the healing process. (Antonio & Street, 1999)
  • The pre-biotic Inulin supports the immune system, which may be compromised after intense or prolonged exercise. (Seifert & Watzl, 2007)
 Experience the benefits yourself here!

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