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Using Pura’s Diet & Wellbeing Range to Improve your Health

At Pura, we are committed to helping you live a healthy, easy lifestyle, even when you are not at the gym or exercising. We have a range of products that you can use in everyday cooking or supplements to take to give your body the kickstart it sometimes needs.

Protein vs Carbohydrates

It is very important to make sure you are getting energy from the right sources. Eating too many carbohydrates when you are not doing enough exercise, especially simple carbohydrates e.g. sugars, can cause a lot of health problems. By replacing simple carbohydrates with protein, you can reducing body fat and improve your cardiovascular health (heart).

Low Fat or the Right Fat?

In the 1950s, there was a school of thought that by reducing fat in your diet, you would not become fat. This has since been proven to be wrong as we have been replacing that fat with sugar! You need to include fat in your diet, but healthy fats – monounsaturates like those found in olive oil and coconut oil, as well as lots of omega 3, rather than omega 6 & 9.

Speeding Up the Metabolism

If you want to healthily lose weight, you might find that you need to increase your natural metabolism. This can be achieved by eating foods containing antioxidants, such as in beetroot, raspberries, green tea and green coffee. If you need a helping hand, you can also look out for our special dietary supplements that contain these ingredients in a high-strength extract form.
DID YOU KNOW? Beetroot gets its bright purple-red colour from Betacyanin, which is a very potent antioxidant. Antioxidants are great for reducing the risk of heart disease & strokes.Hints & Tips #8 Try replacing your normal cooking oil with healthier fats or oils, such as coconut oil which contains a high level of medium chain triglycerides to provide slow release energy.