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Using our Sports Performance Range to Get the Best Results

At Pura, we are out training and living with nature, and we have a passion to formulate performance-winning sports nutrition. Can we succeed with the best of nature vs the artificial shortcuts? We know so.

Healthy Energy

Balancing natural energy sugar sources from fruit, grapes and maize with natural stimulant options of maca and caffeine, our energy and hydrations drinks deliver a truly unbeatable source to drive your training and physical challenges.

Rapid Hydration

Using hypotonic sports energy drinks delivers energy and electrolytes more quickly than water and isotonic drinks, and with our added real fruit and energy mixes, you have a healthier option.

Real Recovery

Using protein within 15 minutes of exercise is the ideal start to your day’s recovery regime; adding the right carbohydrates ratio further speeds up muscles synthesis of glycogen.
The Pura HydroCharger range uses real fruit as a light, natural flavour and source of energy, including Vitamin CYou need about a litre of water per hour of exercise and 500mg of electrolytes. Get yours from Pura.